Dear Women of the Greater Phoenix area,

The Phoenix Mikvah is committed to remain open during this period of uncertainty. In order to protect the women coming to the Mikvah, and our Mikvah attendants. The following polices will be put in place.

Phoenix Mikvah Policy:

  • The Phoenix Mikvah will continue to carefully monitor chlorine levels to make sure they meet safety standards.

  • Attendants will keep a safe distance and not touch anyone that comes to use the mikvah.

  • Bathrooms will continue to be sterilized between each use.

  • All preparations must be completed before coming to the Mikvah.  There are no exceptions.

  • Women coming to use the mikvah will make sure to wash their hands before and after.

  • The Mikvah preparation supplies will be removed from the rooms.  We ask you bring any supplies that you need.

  • Every user must bring 2 of her own freshly laundered towels and a robe for use at the Mikvah.  (The second towel will be used in place of a bathmat in front of the Mikvah pool).  No towels or robes will be provided.  The Mikvah will continue to provide single use disposable slippers.

  • Users will be directed to preparation rooms to change for tevila. No showers or baths are permitted at the Mikvah.

  • If a woman is exhibiting any of the COVID-19 symptoms, she must consult a Rav and physician before coming to the mikvah, and provide a doctor’s note.

  • A woman who displays any symptoms while at the mikvah, will be asked to leave.

  • Users must wear slippers to walk down the hallway.

  • There are no more physical monetary transactions.  Users can pay on the website, when making their appointment.  Otherwise pay for the Mikvah visit in advance through zelle or chase quickpay to


Thank you for your diligence in following the Mikvah guidelines. May we all see a yeshua speedily.


The Phoenix Mikvah


The Phoenix Mikvah brings together members from across the community  uniting as one to  build a centrally located  state of the art Mikvah. Working together, the community Rabbanim and lay leadership are a constant source of support and encouragement for this holy project.


   It’s your community, your Mikvah, get involved! There are many ways to volunteer to be a part of this historical project. Please contact us at to find your part in history!